We couldn’t make this event happen without the generous support of our sponsors. They pay for the event in full so that all donations made to participants fund the Canadian Cancer Society.

Our Sponsors Make Spin For Life

Above, you see the logos of our trailblazing Founders. These are the companies and people who have believed in the vision of Spin For Life and have gotten it rolling. But now the big work begins. We have thousands of participants, donors and supporters to attract and that requires a concerted effort to build a one-of-a-kind fundraising campaign and participant event. You’ve also seen our ethical guidelines: 100% of donations go to and stay with the Canadian Cancer Society to fund the programs that you care about. That means we are relying on our sponsors to fund all of the marketing, production and event costs. So we need awesome, generous sponsors.

There are many ways to get involved. If you are a smaller brand or community group, a gift-in-kind may be a good option for you; by offering your skills or your unique product you may be able to help us cut costs or accentuate the event experience. If you are medium-size company, looking to express to your customers and clients what it is your brand cares about and stands for, our mid-level sponsorships can put you front and centre at multiple touch points throughout the year-long lead up fundraising campaign and/or the day-of Spin For Life event. And if you are large and you want to create a legacy that populates your Google search results and makes you intimately tied to the values of the Canadian Cancer Society and Spin For Life, take a look at our upper tiers.

Spin For Life’s mantra is, “No matter your cancer, we’re in this together, we’re in this for life!” We can only reach our fundraising goals by stoking a community of support in our participants and donors — that’s a community your brand can be a valuable part of. Our team will be on hand to help spinners mobilize their family, friends and complete strangers by using our peer-to-peer fundraising website, building fundraising potlucks, games nights, concerts, patio cocktails, busking – whatever fits their passions. Each of these is an opportunity to use your brand to get involved. And during the day-of Spin For Life event, we’ll have thousands of participants and fans congregated together in a single location, pushing hard to achieve their fundraising and spin goals. Food, drinks, a marketplace, an immersive environment of projection mapped visuals and sounds will fill the area, uniting people on their journey to collectively cycle the circumference of the globe in eight hours while breaking a Guinness World Record for the most funds raised at a stationary cycling event.

We’re doing this together. We’re supporting the Canadian Cancer Society together. Be part of this. Get your logo up on the board.

Stephen Klintberg Nagy

Spin For Life

Eric Bennett

Sponsorship Committee Chair
Canadian Cancer Society


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