This fundraising adventure couldn’t happen without the generous support of our sponsors. They cover all the event costs so that every donation goes fully to the Canadian Cancer Society. Event expenses never come out of donations.

Our Sponsors Make Spin For Life

Above, you see the logos of our trailblazing sponsors. These are the companies and people who believe in the vision of Spin For Life and have gotten it rolling. 

Spin For Life is a one-of-a-kind fundraising campaign and peer-to-peer adventure-event. From Day One we set out with a big vision: 

  • Make an athletic cancer event that is inclusive of any ability
  • Fill it with immersive entertainment and massive fitness and fundraising goals that can only be achieved if we work together
  • Design it so that the experience is amazing but the costs are minimal (especially over time)

And most importantly:

  • No event expense will ever take money away from a donation 

These goals aren’t easy to achieve. Our sponsors end up taking on a lot of the heavy lifting. Beyond the herculean effort they put into building their Spin teams, driving up donations, and helping us solve any problems (2020 has presented a few obstacles, eh?), they also underwrite the vast majority of Spin For Life’s costs. Bound by our own ethical guidelines, the only ways that we can cover event expenses and overhead are sponsorship contributions, registration fees, and the margins we build into apparel and equipment sales. That’s it. Donations go to cancer!

Our team has worked in fundraising and event production for a long time, and we, like you, hate when donations for a cause get sucked into an opaque budget and disappear into event costs. We want cancer care way more than we want parties. But if a party / an adventure / a massive challenge will motivate a bunch of people to make the Canadian Cancer Society their priority then we’re going to keep doing everything we can to make that fundraising experience transparent, ethical, and way more meaningful than you expect.

If you want to sponsor, expect to be actively involved.

Whether your brand is international and massive or local and community-built, you could find a place with Spin For Life. We are a group of ethically-guided, innovative, and intrepid people who want to actively help more people get beyond cancer. We’re scrappy. We’ve grown during a global pandemic that has shut down most fundraisers. We’ll work with you to find ways to activate your community and create touchpoints for your brand in our event and annual campaign. 

Spin For Life’s mantra is, “No matter your cancer, we’re in this together, we’re in this for life!”

You want to be in this together with us? Give us a call.

Stephen Klintberg Nagy

Spin For Life

Eric Bennett

Sponsorship Committee Chair
Canadian Cancer Society


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