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Calgary 2020




November 26, 2019


Woody is one the Spinners at the inaugural Spin For Life event in Calgary, Alberta on October 17, 2020! Each participant (once they reach a fundraising minimum of $1,000) gets one hour on a bike while we collectively attempt to Spin around the world in just one day. All donations go to support the Canadian Cancer Society. You can help by donating to his campaign and/or cheering him on at the event.

Why I’m Spinning:

I am proud to be a part of this event as I hear about more people and families affected by cancer everyday. I have been a part of many families that have gone through this and as the research gets closer to better treatments it is very important to continue to contribute in as many ways as we can to beat cancer.

Who I’m Spinning For:

Spinning for the top shelf people in my life.

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Tuffer 2020

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About this team: Tuffer 2020 will be made up of friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, teammates, and anyone who wants to help us #kickcancersass2020.

$250.00 from Anonymous on December 31, 2019

$500.00 from Anonymous on December 30, 2019

$1,000.00 from Anonymous on December 20, 2019

$250.00 from Murray & Shelley Weimer on December 12, 2019
Message from Donor: “Great cause and a wonderful group of team members that you are riding with.”

$102.56 from Bill Stavropoulos on December 9, 2019
Message from Donor: “Good luck bud…”

$102.56 from Barry Taitinger on December 9, 2019

Anonymous on December 6, 2019

$250.00 from Anonymous on December 6, 2019
Message from Donor: “Woody – you’re riding for Pierre & Madeleine Lebourgeois. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort for this cause!”

$102.56 from Rob Hauser on December 6, 2019
Message from Donor: “Eat your Wheaties !!! Spin til you Drop! Your making a difference!”

$102.56 from Robert Hauser on December 6, 2019
Message from Donor: “Warren, we all have been touched by this dreadful disease. Thank You for making a difference! Spin Hard my friend!”

$102.56 from Shawn Sim on December 5, 2019
Message from Donor: “Good Luck Woody”

$100.00 from William Wood on November 26, 2019

Anonymous on November 26, 2019