Tracey Zehl

Total Raised: $4,675.26

Calgary 2020




June 1, 2019



Tracey Zehl is one the Spinners at the inaugural Spin For Life event on November 21, 2020! Each participant (once they reach a fundraising minimum of $250) gets one hour on a bike while we collectively attempt to Spin around the world in just one day. All donations go to support the Canadian Cancer Society. You can help by donating to her campaign and/or cheering her on at the event.

Why I’m Spinning:

I am spinning in this event because cancer continues to devastate my family and my friends in so many ways, often ending in heartbreak. In the month of September 2020, I have lost 6 people in my circle to cancer.

I have watched many brave souls, from small children to elders, fight this battle with a fierceness and determination. My hope is that more of those people can say “I kicked Cancer right in the butt and I am a survivor!”

In an effort to turn this hope into reality, I am participating in this historic event to truly Spin to Save Lives. Please join me in my fight!!!

Who I’m Spinning For:

I am spinning for those who have passed – my sister, my aunt, our close family friends, some co-workers, some friends, some friends’ family members; those who have beat cancer and are living a cancer free life; and those who will be impacted. We all share in this devastation in one form or another so it’s time to make it end!

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About this team: Our Grant Thornton team mates span the country as we unite together to make a difference in all our communities in an effort to end cancer!





$6.67 from Dawne-Marie MacLeod on October 15, 2020
Part of donation to team: Grant Thornton
Message from Donor: “To Tracey and the GT Team- thanks for living your purple in this fight against a disease that impacts all of us in some way.”

Sharon Healy on October 15, 2020
Part of donation to team: Grant Thornton

Sippy on October 14, 2020
Message from Donor: “Thanks for doing this Tracy – I am so sorry for all your losses. Stay strong. Stay healthy”

$100.00 from Bernice & Robert Peacock on October 14, 2020
Message from Donor: “Tracey, We are very proud of you for entering the "Spin for Life". It is such a great cause. Hopefully there will be a cure for this disease soon. Your parents, Bernice & Robert Peacock”

Amin Rawji on October 13, 2020

Thanks for fighting for the cause! on October 9, 2020
Message from Donor: “Thanks for fighting for the cause!”

$5.92 from Michelle Lyons on October 9, 2020
Part of donation to team: Grant Thornton
Message from Donor: “Go Team GT! Thanks for participating in this!”

$500.00 from John Harris on October 9, 2020
Message from Donor: “Go Tracey Go !!!”

$102.56 from Jean Kruse on October 8, 2020

Michelle Wettlaufer on October 8, 2020
Part of donation to team: Grant Thornton

$50.00 from Ilene Schmaltz on October 7, 2020

Mandy on October 7, 2020
Message from Donor: “GO TRACEY!!!”

$100.00 from Maggie Schofield on October 6, 2020
Message from Donor: “Way to go, Tracey! Maggie”

$102.56 from Alex McInnis on October 6, 2020

$100.00 from Erin Wagner on October 6, 2020
Message from Donor: “Way to go Tracey!!”

$100.00 from Cyndy Packard Osode on October 6, 2020
Message from Donor: “<3”

Andrew Major on October 6, 2020

Lesley Miller on October 6, 2020

$250.00 from John de Bruyn on October 6, 2020

$100.00 from Otto Salomons on October 6, 2020

$102.56 from Aimee D on October 6, 2020
Message from Donor: “Way to go Tracey!”

$102.56 from Cheralee Rutledge on September 25, 2019
Message from Donor: “Great cause – way to go Tracey and team!”

$222.22 from The Grant Thornton Foundation on September 24, 2019
Part of donation to team: Grant Thornton
Message from Donor: “Living our purple by making a positive impact on our community!!”

$500.00 from David C Blom on August 13, 2019

$102.56 from Justin Heskes on August 2, 2019
Message from Donor: “Good luck Tracey! Great cause, go get em!!!!!”

Harmandeep Gill on July 28, 2019
Message from Donor: “Good Luck!”

Teri K McKinnon on July 28, 2019
Message from Donor: “You are awesome Tracey!”

$102.56 from Anonymous on July 26, 2019

$50.00 from Anonymous on July 24, 2019

$102.56 from Scott Kerby on July 22, 2019
Message from Donor: “Get er done Tracey!”

$255.93 from Dave Burt on July 22, 2019
Message from Donor: “Spin to Win. Best of luck Tracey.”

$51.43 from Maria Moldovan on July 22, 2019

Anonymous on July 22, 2019

$100.00 from Wes Leibel on July 21, 2019

$100.00 from Hugh Erickson on July 20, 2019

$100.00 from Tracey Zehl on June 1, 2019


Spin For Life values inclusion and removing barriers to entry for participation; any skill level, beginner to pro, is encouraged to join. There’s no need for any special equipment or gear – alongside 180 spin bikes, Spin For Life is equipped with low-impact floor and arm pedal machines. Spinners are in a controlled indoor environment where the risk is low, medical support is always close-at-hand, and the weather won’t affect the experience. Our participants’ physical and fundraising commitments are also designed to be manageable challenges: one hour of sweat with a minimum $1,000 raised for charity.


Thanks to our growing list of like-minded sponsors and patrons, 100% of donations stay with the Canadian Cancer Society. With each event, Spin For Life aims to raise a minimum of $1.44 million with new host cities being added every year for a ten year goal of $180 million. Tax receiptable donations can be allocated to any of three categories: Clinical Trials, Wheels of Hope, or the Alberta Cancer Research Fund (which was specially created to be funded by Spin For Life). Even in our first year, we are aiming to break the World Record for most money raised with a static cycling event.


Over the course of eight hours, our Spinners will collectively ride the circumference of the world: 40,075 km. Each hour is themed around distinct global landscapes with LED screens, theatre lighting, and mapped projections transporting participants through a beautiful, challenging, and cathartic experience. Emcees and Instructors will lead the music-filled Spin Hours, introducing stories of cancer heroes, researchers, clinicians, and remembrances of those we have lost. All culminating in a world record ceremony and on-site after party when we finish spinning around the globe!