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May 6, 2019


Amanda Kolwich is one the Spinners at the inaugural Spin For Life event in Calgary, Alberta on October 17, 2020! Each participant (once they reach a fundraising minimum of $1,000) gets one hour on a bike while we collectively attempt to Spin around the world in just one day. All donations go to support the Canadian Cancer Society. You can help by donating to her campaign and/or cheering her on at the event.

Why I’m Spinning:

I’m participating in Spin For Life to help more Albertan’s live beyond cancer and realize a fuller life while living with cancer. As a regular spinner, I think there is no better way to spend 60 minutes than on a bike with 179 other spinners working toward the common goal of helping find a cure for cancer!

Cancer has recently hit me very close to home once again and it has renewed my desire to do something about it! If you donate to me I would ask that you consider choosing the Alberta Cancer Research Fund. I have personally seen the impact donor dollars make in the research space and know that great strides are being made in Calgary in the field of immunology. As someone with a long family history of cancer, I know that it’s more likely a matter of “when” not “if” I will be diagnosed. Knowing that, I want to ensure that when my time comes, I have access to the best treatments available! So knowing that many of Canada’s top immunology researchers are right here in Calgary brings me great hope for the future of cancer treatment.

Who I’m Spinning For:

My Nana, who passed away in 2015 after her 4th battle with cancer. You know someone is a bad ass when it takes 4 cancers to take her down!

My Mom, who was recently diagnosed with cancer and who has shown incredible poise and humour in the face of a hard journey.

Megan, who survived cancer at a young age and will get married next summer!

My many other friends, volunteers and donors who have survived beyond cancer, who are living with cancer and those who I fondly remember.

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$100.00 from Norm Kolwich on September 27, 2019
Message from Donor: “Crush it”

$25.87 from Rod Berg on September 7, 2019

$102.56 from Bob and Family Dukewich on September 6, 2019
Message from Donor: “Our hearts and prayers are sent to you’re mom and family. From Cousins Bob, Olena, Trevor and Sheena”

$50.00 from Augie Mijatovic on September 5, 2019

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$51.43 from HINE CROWCHILD on August 30, 2019

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$255.93 from Carla Zohar on August 16, 2019

$51.43 from Peter Crane on August 15, 2019
Message from Donor: “Prayers”

$51.43 from Mavis Tralnberg on August 15, 2019
Message from Donor: “Way to go Amanda. It’s for a great cause”

Anonymous on August 15, 2019

$102.56 from Sonny & Tamara Littlelight on August 15, 2019
Message from Donor: “Stay strong be positive and may god give you & the family strength to get through this all as one !! All things are possible with god !! Prayers strength love sent your way”

$102.56 from Grandma on August 10, 2019
Message from Donor: “Good luck”

$102.56 from Wayne Enterprises on August 9, 2019
Message from Donor: “Ask your dad”

Mom and Dad on August 7, 2019
Message from Donor: “Good luck Amanda”

Anonymous on August 6, 2019

$7.40 from Michelle Rubin on May 10, 2019
Part of donation to team: Wheelie Wonkas

$51.80 from Amanda Kolwich on May 6, 2019