New Registrations

If you’re new to this type of fundraising event we’d be thrilled to have you help us collectively travel around the world and raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. Sign up today for a small registration fee and start training for November 8, 2021.

Get "Adopted"

COVID-19 has cancelled countless fundraising events around the world. If you were excited to be a part of something that is no longer happening we’d love to have you join us. Share your fundraising profile from the other event (no matter what it is) and we’ll waive your registration fee.

What To Expect from Spin For Life

Registering for Spin For Life means you are joining a network of participants, researchers, fundraisers, scientists, and more, that are choosing life in the face of cancer.


Sign up today or join as an "adoptee" from a cancelled fundraising event. You'll instantly receive a link to your fundraising profile.


Share your profile with your networks and be confident that every dollar donated stays with the Canadian Cancer Society.


Join us on November 8, 2021, either digitally or in-person at a studio (health and safety permitting) to help complete our journey around the globe.

We're in this together, we're in this for life.

Collectively circling the globe will take effort and commitment from over 1,000 participants. No one can do it alone. Working together this seemingly insurmountable goal will be accomplished. And together is how we'll find the solutions to cancer.

Whether it's a fully digital experience or public health and safety will allow us to gather in small groups, know that on the event day you are connected to a massive network working to accomplish important goals. Your contribution will multiply and spread across the country and around the world.

Donations to the Canadian Cancer Society impact real people every day. It's important to keep the people we know who are affected by cancer in our minds and close to our hearts. Our participants get involved for themselves, in honour of loved ones, and in memory of those gone too soon all with a common goal: a future where no one fears cancer.

Once registered, you'll have the opportunity to share your story with us. It's the people that push us to accomplish what we didn't think was possible. Hearing and sharing these stories will carry us around the world together.

Spin For Life is very clear: our event is paid for by sponsors and all donations received through participants stay with the Canadian Cancer Society. This will fund research and programs across the country for patients and their families.

We believe this clear and publicly stated division of funds is not only the right thing to do for Spin For Life, but we hope will set the standard for other fundraisers to follow.