We're crowdsourcing Photos & Videos to create Spin For Life's global journey!

Spin For Life is an indoor cycling fundraiser with 100% of all donations going to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Across 8 hours, Spin’s participants digitally cycle around the world.

Let’s paint the scene:

On SPIN Day 2020 (November 21), participants from across Canada and around the world will tune in to a live stream that we are broadcasting from PEAK Studios in Vancouver, BC. The event is all about a global journey. No matter where a participant may be tuning in from — whether it’s on their own spin bike at home or a spin bike in one of our studio Hubs — we are asking everyone to track their progress using our partnered Motosumo app. Motosumo will add up the kilometres everyone is spinning in realtime and display our collective progress in the broadcast. Our goal is to collectively spin the equivalent distance to the circumference of Earth at the equator — 40,075 km total — and we have 8 hours to do it! 

Because we’re journeying around the world together, each Spin Hour of the event is themed to a different region of the globe: Hour 1 is Across Canada, Hour 4 is Antarctica & Oceania, Hour 6 is Africa. The music and all of the visuals that will show on PEAK Studios’ giant LED screen behind our Spin Guides (instructors / hosts) are all specially-crafted to make you feel like you are cycling through the landscapes and cultures of the specific area of the globe each hour. And we’re looking for your input!

We know many of you have amazing photos and videos from your previous travels and from your own backyard. We are asking you to submit your favourites — any that are high resolution and show off the landscape or culture of any place on Earth. 

We will not resell your photos / videos, and we will not use them outside of Spin For Life.

We will use them to create the graphics that make us feel like we are cycling around the world together. 

Our primary use is on the screens in PEAK Studios. That means they will be visible as part of the participant broadcast (a couple of thousand Spinners tuning in on Nov. 21, 2020). This will often be visible behind the hosts and instructors but from time to time we will show the images full screen on the broadcast. This participant broadcast will only be available to registered participants and only during the event.

We have a secondary live broadcast that is available to the general public via our social media channels. This one is a bit more like a telethon — we have hosts who will reference what the Spinners (participants) are seeing and achieving, and will be telling more cancer stories, talking about donations, etc. The Global Graphics will be featured in the public broadcast but not nearly as heavily as what the Spinners see. 

The public broadcast will stay as an on-demand video on select Spin For Life social media platforms and we will be editing promotional videos from all of the media we collect during the event, some of which will feature snippets of the Global Graphics and will definitely have portions of the Global Graphics visible in the background. 

Spin For Life is an annual event. We do intend to reuse, refresh, and update the Global Graphics for each event. That means that if you submit your media assets for SPIN Day 2020 you are also granting us permission to potentially use them in future years.

You have various usage-granting options in the form below, ranging from only use during in the event day Global Graphics to do whatever you want with these!

Neli Zeller Photography

Spin For Life’s Global Graphics are created in collaboration with our Official Photography Sponsor

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