The Spin For Life team is working hard at creating an exceptional fundraising event. Details are still being confirmed, but we can answer some of your questions right away. Once we’re fully launched (in April of 2019) we’ll be able to share even more with you.

Spin For Life is a brand new indoor cycling fundraising event benefiting the Canadian Cancer Society. Participants register and commit to raising a minimum of $1000 each to spend an hour spinning on a stationary bike during the Spin For Life event in October 2020. Click here to register today. Register early so you have more time to fundraise!

Donations go directly to the Canadian Cancer Society. Donors can choose to allocate their donation to any of three key categories of Canadian Cancer Society programs. Find out more here.

Sponsors. We are taking a really hard line with Spin For Life: sponsors pay for the event production and marketing costs so that all donations go to the Canadian Cancer Society without being touched by overhead for the event.

In order to participate in Spin For Life you’ll complete a registration form and pay a small registration fee. You can then immediately start your fundraising campaign. Once you raise the minimum of $1,000, you can pick which bike and which hour you’d like to Spin in. You can register to be a Spinner by clicking here.

Yes. There is a registration fee and participants commit to raising a minimum of $1000 each — but we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Not at all! Don’t get us wrong, spinning for an hour is hard work, but we’re striving to make Spin For Life as inclusive for physical participation as possible. Indoor cycling is low risk, the bike is stationary, you can do it in shorts and running shoes and you can adapt how hard are you are pedalling at any given moment.

We put a lot of thought into this question when we started planning Spin For Life. Our goal on the event day is to collectively spin around the world. That’s the equivalent of 40,075 kilometres. It requires each of the Spinners to complete about 30 kilometres in their hour on the bike. In order to do that we need everyone at their personal best. So we’re limiting Spinners to just one hour on the event day.

If you want to raise more money for the Canadian Cancer Society, that’s great! Those funds will help the one in two Canadians that receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetimes. You might also want to consider starting a team. If you’re confident that you can raise more than the $1,000 minimum to participate, starting a team and inviting your friends and family to join you means that you can share in your fundraising goal and you can help those that aren’t as confident in their fundraising abilities.

Plus, there will be prizes for top fundraisers, top teams, and more as we approach the event.

Nope. All spin bikes will be provided.

Our minimum age requirement is 12 years old. We have no upper age requirement so we’re very curious to see who our oldest spinner will be!

YA! We want your fans there to cheer you on!

AirSprint Private Aviation is our very generous venue sponsor. We’ll be taking over their hangar in Calgary, Alberta, and transforming it into what we need for Spin For Life.

The address is 1910 McCall Landing NE.

The venue has on site parking and shuttle busses to and from the nearby C-Train stations.

First things first, when somebody wants to donate, we ask them which participant they want their funds donated on behalf of. So, if your grandma wants to donate to your Spin, she searches for your name / participant profile on the Spin For Life website and clicks the donate button on your page (or you’ve sent her the direct link already). If your grandma wants to donate on behalf of your friend Larry, she’ll go to Larry’s page. Either way, your grandma gets the tax receipt.

If you need help fundraising, our Spin For Life team is here to help. We have text and email templates that you can work from when you ask family, friends and coworkers for donations, but we also have a wealth of ideas and support systems to help you raise funds by hosting events, busking, mobilizing social media — we’re here to help — but, ultimately, you need to be prepared to go out on a limb and ask people to commit to a cancer cause you care about.

You can donate directly through the Spin For Life website by clicking here. Once on that page you can search for which participant or team campaign you’d like to contribute to, click through to their profile, select a donation amount from their page (or choose to enter your own amount), fill out the necessary tax and credit card information and voila!

If you prefer donating by phone, mail or in person, call us at 1-888-508-9277, print out a donation form (using the below button) or visit the Spin For Life team at the Canadian Cancer Society office at 200, 325 Manning Road NE in Calgary, Alberta.

Tax receipts for eligible donations will be issued through the Spin For Life website on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society. If eligible, receipts are sent approximately one week after a donation is made.

YES! We need lots of volunteers. Join the newsletter and we’ll keep you up to date with how to sign up to volunteer.

Yes, Spin For Life was originally scheduled for April 4, 2020. The date was moved to October 17, 2020, after consultation with our participants, sponsors, and the Canadian Cancer Society.

This new date gives everyone more time to maximize their impact and raise more money. For more information about this change of date, a video from our co-founder, and answers to questions that you might have, head over to our blog post about the change.


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