Spin For Life is an indoor cycling fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society that simulates a collective journey around the world over the course of eight distinct hours.

It's immersive, impactful, and inclusive.


Over the course of eight hours, Spinners collectively ride the circumference of the world: 40,075 km. Each hour is themed around distinct global landscapes with LED screens, theatre lighting, and mapped projections transporting participants through a beautiful, challenging, and cathartic experience. Emcees and Instructors will lead the music-filled Spin Hours, introducing stories of cancer heroes, researchers, clinicians, and remembrances of those we have lost. All culminating in a digital after party when we finish spinning around the globe!

To stay safe through the pandemic, we’ll all tune in digitally for adapted events to Spin from home or partnered spin studio Hubs.


Thanks to our growing list of like-minded sponsors, 100% of donations stay with the Canadian Cancer Society. With each event, Spin For Life aims to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. Tax receipt-eligible donations can be allocated to multiple categories: Clinical Trials, Transport Fund / Wheels of Hope, or the Regional Cancer Research Funds, or the COVID-19 Cancer Emergency Fund. 

Every dollar goes directly to the Canadian Cancer Society and never has event costs billed back. All of the funds can be used by the charity within days of your donation being made.


Spin For Life values inclusion and removing barriers to entry for participation; any skill level, beginner to pro, is encouraged to join. There’s no need for any special equipment or gear – alongside spin bikes, Spin For Life is actively identifying Hub locations with low-impact floor and arm pedal machines. Spinners are in a controlled indoor environment where the risk is low, medical support is always close-at-hand, and the weather won’t affect the experience. Our participants’ physical and fundraising commitments are also designed to be manageable challenges: throughout the pandemic we have waived all registration fees and minimum fundraising requirements.

Spin For Life is an imaginative new indoor cycling fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. It’s unique in a few ways:

Controllable: Held in an indoor location where we control the temperature, lighting, projections and full sound experience.

Repeatable: This entire event can be packed up in shipping containers and repeated it in multiple cities each year.

Symbolic: The collective 40,075 km is symbolic of the global impact of cancer and the power of teamwork to overcome

We are taking a hard line with Spin For Life -- 100% of every donation dollar goes where we all want it to: the charity. That means our sponsors and patrons are going the extra mile to cover all of the production and marketing costs.

We believe this clear and publicly stated division of funds is not only the right thing to do for Spin For Life, but we hope will set the standard for other fundraisers to follow.

Spin For Life is built from the ground up by removing physical, emotional, and economic barriers from people who want to participate. We want each donor and every spinner to feel that their contribution is effective and meaningful. We aim to cultivate relationships of trust and build a genuine experience that extends through every day of our year-long fundraising support campaign leading to the event and every minute of the Spin For Life event itself. We want each contributor to know that the funds went where intended and that we are all engaged allies who are making this fight against cancer more winnable.