Spinner Spotlight: Tracey Zehl

October 9, 2019

Tracey is both a Spinner and a member of the Spin For Life sponsorship committee. She has been a key player in getting this inaugural event off the ground and helped solidify some of our early founding partner relationships, such as the one with Grant Thornton

She is a proud member of the Grant Thornton team. Let’s show some support back to her, and, if you’d like, you can donate to her Spin:


*Like with every donation through Spin For Life, every dollar goes directly to and stays with the Canadian Cancer Society because our sponsors pay all of the event costs.

Why Tracey is Spinning (in her own words):

When I was on the Board at Ronald McDonald House, I remember a little girl in the house, 4 years old, who was fighting cancer.  She was talking to another board member of ours, who was going through breast cancer. The little girl noticed that our board member had no hair, just like her.  She proceeded to ask what kind of cancer she had and then looked up with her innocent little face and said: “well don’t be scared, chemotherapy isn’t so bad.” It broke my heart that a 4-year-old even knows what that was and was telling an adult to not be scared. I think of that little girl often and pray that a conversation of that nature can stop.

I am Spinning in this event because cancer has impacted me, my family and my friends in so many ways, often ending in heartbreak. I have seen many brave souls, from small children to elders, fight this brave battle with a fierceness and determination. I would like to see more of those people to be able to say “I kicked Cancer right in the butt and I am Cancer free.” So, I am going to participate in this historic event and truly Spin to Save Lives. Please join me in my fight!!!

Calling all CPAs

As a CPA at Grant Thornton in Calgary, Tracey would also like to challenge other CPAs and accounting firms to join Spin For Life. She said, “I feel privileged to be part of the CPA profession, and I would love to see many CPAs and their firms unite together to show the world CPAs Kicking Cancer!!  We have strength in numbers and together can do anything!!” 

If she’s fired you up to participate yourself or to create a team, register here: https://spinforlife.ca/register/


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