Grant Thornton Supports Spin For Life Again!

October 3, 2019

On September 23, 2019, the Grant Thornton Foundation presented a $2,000.00 cheque to the Canadian Cancer Society on behalf of the Grant Thornton Spin For Life team.

A representative from Grant Thronton said, “[We’re] living our purple by making a positive impact on our community!!”

Grant Thornton is also one of our Founding Sponsors and is one of the companies that believed in Spin For Life when it was just descriptions and a couple of 3D renderings. This company truly knows the potential of this event to not only benefit the Canadian Cancer Society but to also inspire new or first-time donors and new participants while building awareness.

The $2,000 was split evenly among the Grant Thornton Spin For Life team members, and they each received a sizable donation towards their personal fundraising goals.


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Spin For Life values inclusion and removing barriers to entry for participation; any skill level, beginner to pro, is encouraged to join. There’s no need for any special equipment or gear – alongside 180 spin bikes, Spin For Life is equipped with low-impact floor and arm pedal machines. Spinners are in a controlled indoor environment where the risk is low, medical support is always close-at-hand, and the weather won’t affect the experience. Our participants’ physical and fundraising commitments are also designed to be manageable challenges: one hour of sweat with a minimum $1,000 raised for charity.


Thanks to our growing list of like-minded sponsors and patrons, 100% of donations stay with the Canadian Cancer Society. With each event, Spin For Life aims to raise a minimum of $1.44 million with new host cities being added every year for a ten year goal of $180 million. Tax receiptable donations can be allocated to any of three categories: Clinical Trials, Wheels of Hope, or the Alberta Cancer Research Fund (which was specially created to be funded by Spin For Life). Even in our first year, we are aiming to break the World Record for most money raised with a static cycling event.


Over the course of eight hours, our Spinners will collectively ride the circumference of the world: 40,075 km. Each hour is themed around distinct global landscapes with LED screens, theatre lighting, and mapped projections transporting participants through a beautiful, challenging, and cathartic experience. Emcees and Instructors will lead the music-filled Spin Hours, introducing stories of cancer heroes, researchers, clinicians, and remembrances of those we have lost. All culminating in a world record ceremony and on-site after party when we finish spinning around the globe!