Early Bird Registration Ends Soon

September 23, 2019

With the very first Spin For Life event happening in a little over six months, the early bird registration fee is about to end. Until September 30, 2019, Spinners can register for just $35. This increases to $50 starting on October 1, 2019.

If you’re thinking about signing up, now is the time to do it! This will save you a bit of money and give you six months to fundraise for the Canadian Cancer Society. Remember, because of our generous sponsors, all money donated through our Spinners’ campaigns stays with the Canadian Cancer Society to fund their work in cancer research and care.

If you’re already signed up this is a great time to get more friends involved and start or expand a team. Teams share in their fundraising efforts while still maintaining their individual totals. Plus, it’s great to work together and support one another.

All of the Spinners currently registered are well on their way to fundraising their minimum $1,000 to get their hour on a bike. In fact, a few of them have already hit and exceeded that goal. If you’d like to help them you can make a donation any time between now and the event on October 17, 2020. Plus, feel free to join us and cheer everyone on!


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