Summer 2019 Sponsorships

September 16, 2019

Spin For Life is pleased to welcome three new sponsors who signed up over the summer. Thanks in part to their contributions, every penny donated through our Spinners stays with the Canadian Cancer Society to fund work in one of three key areas: the Alberta Research Fund, Wheels of Hope, or Clinical Trials.

Halliburton Group Canada‘s Vice President, John Gorman, had this to say about sponsoring Spin For Life: “Halliburton Group Canada is proud to be a sponsor and participant in the inaugural Spin for Life campaign, on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society. We support the CCS through corporate sponsorships as well as the charitable contributions from our individual employees. Biking around the world as a single community is a goal that is worth the effort to achieve. Halliburton is proud to be on the team to support this cause, as cancer has impacted all of our lives in some way.”

Brady Fletcher is not only a Founding Sponsor of Spin For Life, he’s also an integral part of our fundraising committee. We’re so grateful to him for sharing his experience and connections. Plus, he came up with a pretty great team name for his campaign, the “Wheel D Beasts.”

Finally, we’d like to say thanks to TD Bank Group for joining our sponsorship ranks. They are passionate about helping their community and are excited to get their team registered and fundraising soon.

There are still lots more individuals and companies looking to get behind Spin For Life and to help raise as much money as possible for cancer research and care. If that includes you, contact us to find out how you can get involved. Or, you can donate to a Spinner right now and have your money start making a difference within minutes.


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