Spinner Spotlight: Shane Kidd

July 17, 2019

Congratulations, Shane Kidd, for being one of our first participants across the $1,000 minimum fundraising threshold! And you keep going! As of writing this, Shane is at $1,234 raised — all of which goes directly to the Canadian Cancer Society.

When we asked Shane what’s fuelling his fundraising fire, he said, “to honour my grandparents and my best friend’s father who lost his battle with cancer last year. I know too many people fighting this fight and it is time that I did something to help.” Shane’s reasons are sadly far too similar to the reasons behind why we are all spinning for life. We all have people we love and want to fight for. 

Is there a secret behind Shane’s fundraising fervour? “Being an active member in our community with a supportive family, I plan to put my contact database to work to make an impact and support this great initiative. I’m looking forward to the Spin and hope I can inspire a few people along the way to join in!”

If Shane has you inspired to support his Spin, you can donate here: https://spinforlife.ca/spinner/shane-kidd-62772/


If he’s fired you up to participate yourself, register here: https://spinforlife.ca/register/

Shane is a proud member of the AirSprint Private Aviation Spin Team. Check out who else is on the team: https://spinforlife.ca/team/airsprint-18587/

SHane Kidd Spin For Life Profile Image


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