Impact of Dollars Raised

Spin For Life is an indoor cycling fundraising event.

Throughout the pandemic we’ve broadcast all our events.

Every dollar our Spinners raise goes directly to charity!

Spin For Life takes our Spinners on a digital cycling journey around the globe.

All of our events simulate cycling through diverse lands and cultures – all with larger than life visuals and music to match!

Sponsors make it possible for Spin For Life to devote 100% of every donated dollar to charity.

One major sponsor, AirSprint Private Aviation, has been devoted since our founding.

AirSprint has provided event venues, fundraising prizes, safety and multi-language support.

Our latest fundraising campaign has been in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. 

$239,269.32 Raised!

Brady Fletcher

Total Raised: $12,912.46

Tom Shindruk

Total Raised: $10,364.35

Tracey Zehl

Total Raised: $6,072.01


Total Raised: $5,255.94

Darcy Hulston

Total Raised: $5,064.36


Total Raised: $3,387.80

100% of Donations to Canadian Cancer Society Programs

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