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November 21, 2020

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Canadian Cancer Society

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November 21, 2020 | Spin at-home or in a studio Hub | 8 Spin Hours to digitally cycle around the world | Spin is Immersive, Impactful, Inclusive​

Learn about SPIN Day 2020

  • Participate at Hub or Home
  • COVID Safety Measures
  • Using your Spinner profile, and more…


Journey Around the World

8 Spin Hours | Cycle a new continent each hour

Different terrain challenges | Himalayan Hill Climb, Antarctic Penguin Slide, Canadian Prairies

Different spin styles | Want choreo? Hour 2 is your party | Want in-the-saddle pedal power? Hour 3 

SPIN Day Schedule (MST)

11:30 AM | Opening Ceremony

12:00 PM | Hour 1: Canada | Presented by AirSprint | Coral Budd

1:00 PM | Hour 2: USA to Panama | Ray Welsh

2:00 PM | Hour 3: South America | Helen Vanderburg

3:00 PM | Hour 4: Antarctica to Australia | Youth Hour | Paxton McKee

4:00 PM | Hour 5: Asia | French Hour | David Parent

5:00 PM | Hour 6: Central Asia | Rage Ride 18+ | Leo Sammarelli

6:00 PM | Hour 7: Africa | Ashley King

7:00 PM | Hour 8: Europe back to Canada | Team Teach | Bilingual EN-FR | Claire Johnstone & Steve Klintberg Nagy

8:00 PM | Closing Ceremony + Afterparty

Digital Journey

A world of graphics sets the backdrop for this Spin journey. 

The Spin Guides will lead each hour live from Peak Technologies Studios in Vancouver and we’ll be livestreaming the experience to wherever you are in the world. Tune in on your computer and bike at home or with the big screen experience in one of our Spin Studio Hubs.


Spin’s Global Graphics

are collaboratively

created with 

Neli Zeller Photography

Please download this app - it's tracking our journey!

MOTOSUMO is the cutting-edge tech behind our live-tracking of every kilometre for our spin-around-the-world-in-8-hours goal.

This FREE APP works with any stationary bike or outdoor bike on an indoor trainer.


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AirSprint Private Aviation

Founding Sponsor | Continent Sponsor

Spin For Life wouldn’t exist without AirSprint.

AirSprint was around the table when this cancer fundraiser was just an idea. They committed their airplane hangars as event venues (pre-pandemic), and now, as we’ve had to pivot, they’ve funded French translation services, brokered countless relationships, are supplying COVID-safety masks, and are giving away a private jet vacation!

The Top 25 Individual Fundraisers are entered to win!

Top Fundraisers

Tom Shindruk

Total Raised: $10,364.35

Brady Fletcher

Total Raised: $10,355.94

Tracey Zehl

Total Raised: $6,072.01


Total Raised: $5,255.94

Darcy Hulston

Total Raised: $5,064.36


Total Raised: $3,387.80

Share Your Cancer Story

Every journey is different. Like travel or cycling, even if you’ve pedaled up a hill many times, it can feel different each day.

Whether you are a patient, a survivor, a care giver, a health worker, or a friend, your cancer story is valid and unique and we want to hear it.

If you need support, the Canadian Cancer Society has resources:


1-866-786-3934 (TTY)

Allocate Your Donation to Local & National Canadian Cancer Society Programs

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