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Spin For Life is staying digital through the pandemic to help keep all our loved ones safe.

Rest assured, every dollar raised immediately goes to work at the Canadian Cancer Society!

Spin For Life is a cycling journey around the globe.

All of our live stream spins and in-person events simulate cycling through diverse lands and cultures – all with larger than life visuals and music to match!

Sponsors make it possible for Spin For Life to devote 100% of every donated dollar to the Canadian Cancer Society.

AirSprint has been a committed sponsor since Day One. They have provided venues, COVID-safety elements, French translation services, and now they are giving away a private jet vacation. We will draw for the winner during the Finish Line Event. 

Every cancer journey matters. Click here to share your cancer story.

If you need support, contact the Canadian Cancer Society:

1-888-939-3333  | 1-866-786-3934 (TTY) |

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Brady Fletcher

Total Raised: $12,912.46

Tom Shindruk

Total Raised: $10,364.35

Tracey Zehl

Total Raised: $6,072.01


Total Raised: $5,255.94

Darcy Hulston

Total Raised: $5,064.36


Total Raised: $3,387.80

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